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Better to find someone who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you. Someone caring that enjoys you enjoying yourself. Someone who is interested in you, not in your obsession. We already try to imitate so many NT stereotypes in our daily lives just to get by without convincing ourselves that we are all a stereotype as well. Andrew, really? I have a great career and can provide for everything my family wants. I am in charge of a team of computer repair engineers, who come to me for advice when they cannot figure something out.

I also have never taken a computer class in my life. Computers are patterns, and when the patterns break, so do the computers. These breaks are easy for me to spot, as they interrupt the flow of the pattern.

Ah, sorry, I believe I just Aspergered Out! My need for you to understand everything as I do. A blessing on the side in my job, as I can make a carrot understand how to use or perform self-repair on their computers.

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For my kids, homework help is a breeze. Especially if creativity is involved.

Now go out there and find your better half! Just be open in the beginning about your specialties from the get go! And communicate! Lastly, absorb her input… no matter how much your inner being wants to run, escape, correct, modify, or discredit…. I love this post. I also love the show Parenthood. Hi, P.

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This post resonated very strongly. As a retail teen, I was the sole freak who knew the paint department inside out. Kind regards, P. I too am a woman with Aspergers and a son with Aspergers.

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In fact, I am using my fake alias name to post this! I got a small taste of what it wold be like for me when a boss casually opened up about his ADHD, by way of explaining why long emails were not his preferred method of communication.

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Over time I watched as my co-workers began seeing every minor mis-step my boss made through the filter of him being ADHD, and began questioning his ability to do his job. He was eventually let go. Well I have bad news for you. Its not going away. If you were honest people would probably understand you better. Check your ego and live who you are.

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Not who you want to be. I read a post that Aspergers Syndrome is arguably the most successful diagnosis of the past 15 years. It created a place for people who were commonly undiagnosed or misdiagnosed to learn about themselves and other people like them. It created a community where none had existed. I just love this advice for people with Aspergers who are dating. I wish I read this before I gave my own, not as incisive advice. Genuinely kind, patient, AND who loves you.

Dating an Aspy is easy? It would be better to say yes it possible as long as you accept the challenges. Think about all those single guys in snooker, pool, billiards, darts teams!!! The ones that play every night in their local league. Never seem to have girlfriends. Stuck in a rut just as many people can be at work, trapped and unable to get off the train without an empty hole being left in their life.

This was their passport to social engagement. Well all of those guys get left behind. Should add that I eventually got out of this trap aged 30 and was married a year later. I had learning disabilities as a child and a lot of characteristics of autism when I was really small but was determined that I was not autistic.

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What are your thoughts on male vs. This post was an eye opener to me, a fellow aspie. I have a very good job professor and a partner who loves me. But most of the time, I think about leaving him. I want to be alone more than anything. I am disgusted by lots of his habits. I no longer want sex. I prefer the company of my dogs. I long for loneliness.


I have suicidal thoughts every day, mostly I think because I feel trapped into having to cope with another person on a daily basis. I seriously consider going back to living alone and spending the rest of my life alone. I struggle with this every day. But maybe it is due to being aspie, more or less bipolar and prone to sucidal thoughts? I am stuck. Suicidal thoughts are a sign that something is wrong.

Get whatever help you need. Tell someone in your life how you feel. Opening up will help. There are lots of resources for you. I agree about the need for help and resources when it comes to suicidal thoughts, so I hope that is possible. And I also know that for me I like to be in a partnership but have to have my own space — sleeping in my own bed is really important, as is having my alone time, or I get really restless and anxious. So why not go back to living alone?